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Maybe we need less likes and more love. Maybe we need less finger pointing at wrong-doing and more thumbs up for goodness. Maybe we need less posts and more peace. Maybe we need less opinion and more openness. Maybe we need less criticism and more creativity. Maybe we need less […]

Homemade Ricotta Cheese

I never imagined I’d be someone who owned and actually used cheesecloth, but here I am. I remember when I was about twenty-eight or twenty-nine years old and my friend, Valeria, who happened to be a Russian immigrant, told me that I should not waste money buying cheese and that […]

Have Kid- Will Travel

While most families are finally settling back into a school-dictated schedule, our family took a much-needed vacation. We were planning to go to Myrtle Beach with my mom to see family there, but Hurricane Dorian changed our plans. The funny thing is, the hotel canceled our reservations when they called […]

Opening and Embracing

Since about April, I’ve been praying? Communicating? Manifesting? What-have-you, this one thing: Let my work be good. And I’ve worked. I’ve worked really hard. I’ve worked so hard, in fact, that I’m looking forward to the quiet days of Autumn and Winter, when my body can rest and my mind […]

August in the Garden

We have a huge old Phillips gas light in our yard that the previous owners (and now our super rad neighbors) installed to light up the side yard of the house. While it’s a cool old light, it just doesn’t fit with what we are doing here at the old […]

Mother’s Embrace

Goethe was one of the first to publicly say that the Earth is a living, breathing being and I have always believed this. All my life, any time I felt stressed out, or needed time alone, I escaped to Nature, whether it was to pet bees in my yard (an […]

Healing Hurts & Moving Forward

Something I’ve learned from personal experience as the aggressor and as the receiver is this: HURT PEOPLE HURT PEOPLE. It’s not a new revelation. It’s as old as humankind itself, I’m sure. When we hurt, we tend to hurt others until we are able to heal. Something else I’ve learned […]

Why Aren’t We Protecting Our Children?

America has one of the most aggressive vaccination schedules in the world. Regardless of your stance on vaccinations, it is imperative that we, as parents, speak up for our rights as parents, to make critical choices for our children, without government interference. Who is the government to make mandatory the […]

NOT Back to School Celebrations

If you’ve been shopping lately, I’m sure you’ve noticed all of the Back-to-School supplies in Target and Walmart and you have likely heard talk about the upcoming school year. Maybe your Facebook is already overloaded with school information, motivation for teachers and children, and advice for parents. I have certainly […]