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Favorite Geography Resources

Helping children learn about the world around them is as easy as taking them on outings in your local city or town. You can hit museums, visit the local coffee shop or bookstore, explore your city zoo, chat with an older friend or relative, or attend local events. Don’t discredit […]

The Splendor of Every Day

I drink tea from a cup called “blessed” and I wonder at the word. My husband picked it out at the store. “It’s perfect,” he said. We added another named “thankful” to the cart. I tend to drink from the thankful mug more. Thankful is easier to swallow. I AM […]

Change or Excuses

Until a few months ago, I was a distributor for doTERRA and I thought I’d like to help people find natural solutions to their health concerns. I thought I’d eventually open a shop and hold in-person classes to teach people how to use the oils and I truly believed this. […]

Moving Mountains

A few years ago, I was in a car accident that totaled our two-month old Impala and left me with bad neck pain and car anxiety that makes my husband crazy. I can’t decide if his driving was always so erratic, if he always hit the brakes so late and […]

I See you, Sister

At the coffee shop, she walked in behind me, the mother of the little girl my daughter runs to at class. Our daughters smile at each other and embrace. I say hello to the mom, who doesn’t respond and perhaps she didn’t hear. I seem to have a voice that […]

The Freedom of Forgiveness

Be relentlessly forgiving. (Matthew 18:22) Oh boy, what a message, right?! Be relentlessly forgiving. That’s a tough one for me, especially if I see people hurt people I love. I tend to find it easier to forgive those who have hurt me, but mess with my children, or my mom, […]