String Painting

Happy first day of Spring to you! The sun is shining and it's to be nearly sixty degrees today. My daughter and I celebrated by reading springtime poems, and going outside to paint. My daughter has been artistic from birth, I'm telling you. I remember letting her go crazy with finger-paints before she could even... Continue Reading →

Managing Anxiety, Naturally

Do you ever feel super anxious, even when there seems to be nothing to feel anxious about? I definitely have and in all honesty, I didn't realize how anxious I was until I stopped my nightly wine habit. I mean, I felt anxiety when I was in the car, but it made sense, because I... Continue Reading →

Planning the Gardens

*sigh* Ya'll, it feels like spring today and I'm loving it. I turned off the heat and opened the windows, added some Frankincense and Wild Orange to the diffusers, tossed a pork roast in the slow cooker, and my daughter and I enjoyed some precious time outside. She and I worked to make her Harry... Continue Reading →

Dear Public School

You can always tell when an animal is threatened. They lash out at everyone and everything. The same could be said of you, Public School, as you lash out at homeschooling families in Kentucky and attempts to accuse them of hiding truancy, rather than educating their children. I think what you fail to realize is... Continue Reading →

“Unschooling” No More

Lately I've been thinking about the term Unschooling. Every time I use it as a hashtag, I cringe a little inside. I guess because I prefer to think of our lives as not requiring school at all. My daughter learns at home and learns what she wants to learn. I guide her, provide resources and... Continue Reading →

Where Do The Children Play?

If I were to mention a challenge to homeschooling, it would be finding other children for Kat to play with. Unlike many home educated kids, Kat has no siblings with whom to play. She plays with children when we're in public places, of course and she's very social and open to play with children of... Continue Reading →

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