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When Homeschool is a Struggle

I feel less self-conscious these days when I share bits of my life (particularly my struggles) online and I’m grateful for that. Struggles keep us humble. Struggles teach us great lessons. Today, I’ve struggled with homeschooling my daughter. Truly, it’s the feeling of forcing learning (a task that is impossible […]

Quieting the Little Banshee

The more I work in my garden, the clearer my ideas of a happy life become and the less I care what anyone else thinks of how I live my life. It’s odd, to have come full circle, letting the Little Banshee (my name for my wild-unfettered side) out into […]

A Little Change

Waking up early has changed my life. I love my mornings. I began setting my alarm for 630 a few weeks ago and now I find myself waking about fifteen minutes before my alarm goes off. I lie awake wondering, Has my alarm gone off yet? Then lift my head, […]

Is It Time for A Reality Check?

This morning I awoke before sunrise and took my coffee to one of my favorite spots to sit and watched the glorious show unfold, as the sun gave light to the world around me. Truly, it was miraculous to witness. ​​Every day we have numerous opportunities to witness miracles and […]