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Don’t You Understand?

One morning, I was sitting in church and they mentioned a Go Trip to Nicaragua. The Go Trips are when people from the church go to various places in America and other countries and help build schools, or help people get clean water, build houses, clean up after storms, etc, […]

Stepping Down; Looking Up

Job 23:6 Will he plead against me with his great power? No; but he would put strength in me.  This verse really sums up my new relationship with God. I don’t see him as a tyrant, ready to punish me when I mess up, but rather my source of strength […]

When They Don’t Clap

We all have people in our lives who want to see us fail. It’s true. I have them and I’m sure you have them as well. Say you achieve something you’ve been working toward for years and when you finally reach your goal, you have certain people who snub you, […]

The Splendor of Every Day

I drink tea from a cup called “blessed” and I wonder at the word. My husband picked it out at the store. “It’s perfect,” he said. We added another named “thankful” to the cart. I tend to drink from the thankful mug more. Thankful is easier to swallow. I AM […]

I See you, Sister

At the coffee shop, she walked in behind me, the mother of the little girl my daughter runs to at class. Our daughters smile at each other and embrace. I say hello to the mom, who doesn’t respond and perhaps she didn’t hear. I seem to have a voice that […]

The Freedom of Forgiveness

Be relentlessly forgiving. (Matthew 18:22) Oh boy, what a message, right?! Be relentlessly forgiving. That’s a tough one for me, especially if I see people hurt people I love. I tend to find it easier to forgive those who have hurt me, but mess with my children, or my mom, […]

A$$hole with Heart

I get really uncomfortable when people tell me I have a good soul or a good heart. I care very deeply about the people I love and I try very hard to be there for them. I care very deeply for children, regardless of whether or not they are related […]

Opening and Embracing

Since about April, I’ve been praying? Communicating? Manifesting? What-have-you, this one thing: Let my work be good. And I’ve worked. I’ve worked really hard. I’ve worked so hard, in fact, that I’m looking forward to the quiet days of Autumn and Winter, when my body can rest and my mind […]