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Reading: No Rewards, Thanks

In the 1880s, children read Great Expectations by Charles Dickens. If you look at the Lexile score, this book is considered to be the grade level equivalent of 11th-12th grade. However, if you consider the fact that children read this in schools in the 19th century, you must understand that […]

Homeschool: Schedule Not Required

As parents, we are constantly bombarded with what’s “right” and “wrong” when raising our children and it begins from the time they utter their first cry. Breast/bottle, co-sleeping/crib, daycare/private care, cry it out/soothe them…..and that’s just for the first three months! I swear, if I have to listen to one […]

Valley of Fire

Even though I’ve cleaned it from my feet, I cannot shake the dust of the desert. It’s found its way into my heart and I find myself walking in a sea of Kentucky green and blue, while longing for the land of copper and pink. No one tells you that […]