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Recharging My Mom Spirit

I wish I could say I always approach motherhood with such grace and ease as I am in this image, but I don’t. Most days sure, but there are some days when I just “don’t wanna.” There are days when I experience a bit of FOMO, thinking how nice it […]

Cultivating a Love for Reading

When I look back on my daughter’s progress in reading this past year, I am rather dumbfounded. In March, she was reading Dr. Suess books with help from me. Today, she’s reading The Tail of Emily Windsnap independently, only occasionally asking me for help in pronouncing some words. When I […]


Sometimes, we can feel like we’re all alone in our journey, even when we are surrounded by a few really amazing people, who are holding our hands and lifting our spirits. What is it that makes us take those few amazing people for granted, while we pine for those who […]

Favorite Geography Resources

Helping children learn about the world around them is as easy as taking them on outings in your local city or town. You can hit museums, visit the local coffee shop or bookstore, explore your city zoo, chat with an older friend or relative, or attend local events. Don’t discredit […]


Maybe we need less likes and more love. Maybe we need less finger pointing at wrong-doing and more thumbs up for goodness. Maybe we need less posts and more peace. Maybe we need less opinion and more openness. Maybe we need less criticism and more creativity. Maybe we need less […]

Have Kid- Will Travel

While most families are finally settling back into a school-dictated schedule, our family took a much-needed vacation. We were planning to go to Myrtle Beach with my mom to see family there, but Hurricane Dorian changed our plans. The funny thing is, the hotel canceled our reservations when they called […]

NOT Back to School Celebrations

If you’ve been shopping lately, I’m sure you’ve noticed all of the Back-to-School supplies in Target and Walmart and you have likely heard talk about the upcoming school year. Maybe your Facebook is already overloaded with school information, motivation for teachers and children, and advice for parents. I have certainly […]

Special Homeschool Rooms Limit Learning

I recently heard a mom discussing the must-haves of homeschooling and one of the must-haves she mentioned was a special room devoted to homeschooling. While I understand the luxury of having a special room to store materials, I find declarations such as that utterly false, and they can really deter […]