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Working through the Mental Muck

Earth knows more about the inner workings of my heart and mind than anyone I have ever encountered. In a way, this simple fact has created great gorges in my friendships, as I am not one to divulge information or troubles to others and thus inadvertently keep people at a […]

Managing Anxiety, Naturally

Do you ever feel super anxious, even when there seems to be nothing to feel anxious about? I definitely have and in all honesty, I didn’t realize how anxious I was until I stopped my nightly wine habit. I mean, I felt anxiety when I was in the car, but […]

Navigating the Riptide

I’ve got some jazz playing, a steaming cup of coffee sits next to my keyboard, and the white light reflecting off the snow outside fills this space. Inside, my body feels calm, content, and strangely light, as I type. It’s a relief from what I’ve been experiencing this week after […]

No-mo Wine-o

Have you ever noticed how society tends to glorify things that are bad for us? I mean, you don’t see ads for produce or walking in the woods. Why? Because they are good for us and we don’t really need to be convinced. But candy bars? Smoking? Drinking? Shopping for […]

Healing in Words

I awoke this morning to a message from a friend, an Instagram friend, who lives in Scotland. She’s a beautiful soul and a lovely mother to a little boy and a baby girl. I adore her and her sister and her niece, whom I’ve gotten to know via social media. […]