About A Musing Mother


My name is Theresa (AKA Resa) and here at A Musing Mother, I muse about life, love, and learning. I live in an old farmhouse by the river. It was built in the mid-1800s and we love every nook and cranny of it, including the crooked, creaky floors and the old stone basement. 

I am an avid gardener and I enjoy sharing information about organic gardening. I love gardening as much for the food and flowers as for the connection to Nature and to God. There’s just something very grounding about working the soil and watching things grow. I love it. My goal is to eventually open up our space to small, public events. 

We are a homeschooling family ‘round here as well, so I love sharing information regarding learning and education. As a former public school teacher, I also share things that pertain to government schools and it’s probably not a surprise considering my daughter is homeschooled, that I’m not a big fan of our current schooling system. In my opinion, it stifles children’s creativity and intrinsic motivation to learn. I’d love to see a real reform happen in America where children really are considered the priority and are included in the planning, rather than being pushed aside in favor of political agendas.

Other than that, I share things that inspire me, teach me, and challenge me. I hope what I post might also support and inspire you as you navigate your own journey through life, love, and learning. It’s tough some days, I know, but as a parent, I try very hard to remember that a childhood is only eighteen summers long. That’s all we get. I also try to remember that we’re all just doing the best we can with what we’ve been given. I try to find the Grace in that. I try to forgive…but trust me, I struggle and you’re likely to see that here. I’m not interested in only showing the good stuff. I’m interested in keeping it real and in doing so, that includes the mess.

Thank you for being here.



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