Dear Covid-19

Dear Covid-19,

While it would be easy to complain about things you’ve taken away from our day-to-day lives, I want to take the time to say thank you.

img_1146Thank you for giving me time to do a little painting of my house. It may very well look like a high school art project, but it’s mine. I’ve wanted to do it since we moved here and never made time. Thank you for providing the time for that.

Thank you for giving me time to bake bread. I have fed sourdough starters in the past and only ever made pancakes from the discard. You provided the quiet time to actually bake some bread and to my surprise, it was delicious.

Thank you for reminding me what’s most important to me: family. That’s the one thing I miss in all of this and I have set a goal to have big family dinners when this is all finished. In the meantime, I’m using this restful time to explore and create new recipes worth sharing and handing down to my children. It’s been fun.

img_1800-1Thank you for giving me time to quilt and meditate. It’s been time well spent and I’ve enjoyed every single second.

Thank you for the opportunity to take online classes to better hone my writing skills. I’m learning new things, connecting with other writers, and even more important: getting over the fear and insecurity of sharing my writing. It’s been HUGE.

Thank you for the time freedom to write. The words seem to pour out these days and for that I’m grateful.

2a71bc17-65ee-4f15-8804-7be2600ed029Thank you for giving me the opportunity to find my personal style again. It feels good to ditch the Insta-fashion and embrace my own quirky style.

Covid-19, you’ve shaken things up, but I’m glad God has allowed you in the world. I know there are many losses and I mourn for people who have lost loved ones and I mourn with family and friends who have lost loved ones. It’s traumatic and painful and life-changing, but I am set on finding the good in all of this, because there is always good in it, if only we look.

So thank you, Covid-19, for shedding a light on what is very good in this life and for pointing out what is most important, and reminding me that I need very little to live a full and happy life.

You can go away now.



2 Comments on “Dear Covid-19

  1. Thank you for sharing the positive side of life during this difficult time. As writers we have a God given gift to give to the world. We can influence people toward positivity. Thank you for sharing your gift. What classes are you taking? Im looking to take classes also.

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    • Hi! Thank you for your comment! I’m taking a creative writing class through my library! It’s been awesome and with Covid, they have allowed free admission. It’s usually $145!


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