Mother’s Embrace

Goethe was one of the first to publicly say that the Earth is a living, breathing being and I have always believed this. All my life, any time I felt stressed out, or needed time alone, I escaped to Nature, whether it was to pet bees in my yard (an activity I have handed down to my daughter), or running to the creek as a teenager to hit trees with sticks (I’ve not handed down this activity to any of my children, nor have I continued it), or sitting against the biggest Oak Tree I can find, nature always restores my Spirit. img_2421

It’s easy to forget what a resource Mother Nature is for our health, vitality, and wellbeing. Mother Nature’s presence is like the air we breathe that we don’t think much about until we can’t take a breath. Mother Nature can heal us, ease mental unrest, and deliver us from our personal demons, if only we take the time to be with Her. Christians may balk at that and that’s okay, but Jesus, Himself, went to the mountain to pray. He went to Nature to be closer to God the Father. Why wouldn’t we?

All of the great spiritual leaders have gone to Nature to be closer to the Great Spirit.

I don’t have a mountain. I don’t have a Banyan tree. I don’t have the sea. I don’t have magical rock formations in the desert.

But I do have grass and the wind and flowers and vegetables and herbs. I have birds and butterflies, earthworms, beetles, ants, slugs, deer, and even foxes and all of these teach me.

Slow down. They say.

Breathe. They whisper.

They remind me that although the artificial human world I live in pulls me in a million directions, what really matters comes directly from Earth. God or Goddess or the Great Spirit, or whatever you believe – provides all we need to live a happy and healthy life.


We think we need so much. A big house, new cars, the latest fashion, makeup that covers every blemish (real or imagined), digital gadgets, big screen televisions, cars with phones and televisions, cell phones on our person at all times….but literally none of these are needed at all.

We’ve just been brainwashed to believe they are necessities. That’s capitalism for you. It turns luxuries into necessities. I’m not saying that’s a bad thing. I am saying that I’m learning that complicating life with all of that stuff steals my joy in life.

I find greater joy in a swallowtail visiting my garden than I do a new cell phone or car or shoes. Give me dirty nails over a manicure, grass stained feet over pointy-toed pumps.img_2329

Mother’s Embrace

Mother Nature envelopes us in her arms each day, breathing life into our lungs, spreading healing light upon the Earth. She’s here, all around us, ready to embrace us if only we slow down, breathe, and bring ourselves back to the present. The flowers raise their heads to her, if you watch a Sunflower, you can literally watch it follow the sun across the sky. Birds sing at dawn and again at dusk, serenading all of the world with good mornings and good nights. They open their hearts and raise their voices in a great chorus of what can only be described as love.


If only people could take note from Mother Nature. If only I could be so receptive to love and kindness, instead of fearful of being hurt. What a different life this might be. Yet fear permeates the very air we breathe these days. It’s the buzzword and it’s wreaking havoc, because so many are falling prey to its snare.

I’m going to be more receptive to love and kindness from this moment forward. It seems a win-win situation.



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