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Why Aren’t We Protecting Our Children?

America has one of the most aggressive vaccination schedules in the world.

Regardless of your stance on vaccinations, it is imperative that we, as parents, speak up for our rights as parents, to make critical choices for our children, without government interference.

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Who is the government to make mandatory the injection of ANYTHING into the bodies of our children?

Let me be clear: I chose to vaccinate my children, all three of them.

Note: I chose not to allow the flu vaccine, because each strain is different each year and no flu vaccine can prevent all strains of flu. In addition, I had a flu vaccine back in the 1990s and ended up missing three weeks of work because of an adverse reaction that ended with pneumonia. I have also chosen not to give my daughter the HPV vaccine.  When my sons were younger, I chose to avoid the then new, varicella vaccine. They ended up getting the chicken pox at the same time and missed a few days of daycare.

Let me be clearer: The difference between the schedule my sons followed and the schedule my daughter followed is glaring. I’m sure my mother would say the same regarding the schedule I followed.

Most adults had twelve doses of vaccines. Children today receive over 70 doses.

How are more of us not questioning this? Are we all asleep at the wheel?

How many of your adult friends have had any of the diseases we received our twelve doses for? I know of no one. How can twelve doses be considered adequate protection, but now, with better living conditions, children suddenly require more than seventy? It just doesn’t add up.

Also, how are each of us not screaming from the tops of our lungs about these vaccines being MANDATORY? How can we hand our children and their livelihood over to a government that is bought and paid for by the pharmaceutical industry?

Here is a link to an OP-ED piece that was written by Pam Long, a West Point graduate, former Army Captain, Medical Service Corps, and Medical Intelligence Officer. Please take time to read it. Please share it as you see fit, or simply share the link to this post.

We cannot give the government control of our children and their health.

Today, it is mandatory vaccinations. What about tomorrow?



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