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Children – the ignored population

Crossing the Border Is A Misdemeanor

A misdemeanor is a crime that is more severe than a petty infraction (ie speeding), and less severe than a felony. Crossing the border in America is a misdemeanor.

Based on all the hoopla regarding the undocumented immigrants and the “need for a wall,” I mistakenly assumed that crossing the border illegally was a serious crime – a felony.

I’m yet another example of the horrendous state of our public education system that I was completely unaware of this fact, but alas, it really is only a misdemeanor to cross the border into America. If immigrants are captured within 100 miles of the border, they are simply taken back without consequence – according to the law. Of course if you research, you’ll  know that many have died trying to cross the border and I’d put money on the idea that many have died while on their way to be returned.

With that said, why are children being separated from their families for misdemeanors their parents have committed? Further, why are they being detained, when they are minors who haven’t committed any crime whatsoever?

Even more, why are they not being treated even as well as the felonious Americans who are in prison right now? Did you know that undocumented immigrants are protected under the US Constitution? I had no idea.

The sad part is this: I actually studied history. LOTS of History. I was certified to teach History and Social Studies to young minds across our country, and even with all of that education, I had no idea of this fact.

Again, I’m a product of our public education system and I’m so embarrassed by this.

I don’t know about you, but in high school, my Hostory lessons were taught by coaches who really didn’t care about much except football. We “learned” from a textbook. We were taught nothing outside that textbook and do I need to mention the lucrative textbook industry, or how white-washed those books are?

Why any decent educational system would use textbooks is beyond me.

When you are taught by a teacher who doesn’t care and everything you learn on a subject comes from a boring textbook, you begin to think that the topic itself is unimportant. Many children are led to believe that History and Civics, and Social Studies are unimportant because they are most often taught by teachers who couldn’t care less about the topic.

Maybe your experience was different and if so, that’s wonderful and I hope you know more about the Constitution and the Amendments than I do, because I honestly don’t know a whole lot. Thankfully, that’s changing, as I seek to educate myself.

Immigration Current Events

In recent news, there was a mother who came to America illegally and was arrested in 2007 during an immigration raid in Missouri.

She was in prison for five years. What I don’t understand is: Why did she get five years if crossing the border illegally is a misdemeanor? I understand that the state courts have a lot of flexibility regarding how they convict misdemeanor offenses, but five years seems rather excessive to me. If you have insight to offer here, please elaborate in the comments below, because I’ve found nothing in my research.

During all of this, her 6-month old son, Carlitos, was looked after by family, and then other caretakers, until he ended up with the Mosers when he was 2-years old. This family then adopted him – without his mother’s consent.

What I don’t understand is this: if felons in the prison system have the right to education (a right that is not technically a right in this country at all), then how does this mother with a misdemeanor offense not have the right to consent or NOT to the adoption of her son.

Ignoring the immigration issue, let’s look at the bigger picture: what does this say for mothers and children in general?

We need to pay close attention to this.

Also, what about this child?

We have the biological mother discussing how her rights were taken away and even the court determined that “her rights were wrongfully terminated,” and we have the adopted family who wants to keep him. What about the little boy? What will he be told as he grows up? Does he not have rights as a human being? How will he feel when he looks back at the news regarding his life?

Why do we not care about children in this country?

The adoptive family changed his name. Does this child not have the right to his birth name? Why does their comfort as the adoptive family take precedence over his?

I don’t get it.

When I look at this case, I can only cringe inside, because none of the adults involved seem to truly care about this child.

Also, the mother-child bond is being completely and utterly ignored, just like the mother-child bond was ignored when this country had legal chattel slavery.

Then and Now

The majority of the illegal immigrants coming to America are Mexicans. What I don’t understand is why we cannot come together as neighbors and negotiate. Wouldn’t it be good for America to have immigrants coming here to work and pay taxes on purchases they make?

Did you know that in the 1940s, when many of the men in America went to WWII, America opened itself to immigrants from Mexico, because we desperately needed the workers?

How can something be great then, but terrible now?

Why can’t we work out a deal that is beneficial for both countries?

I suppose it’s a shame that Mexico doesn’t have more natural resources, or America would be all over it, exploiting its riches and stabbing the flag into the soil.

Oh man, that wasn’t objective at all, was it?

I apologize.

Maybe I’m tired of toeing the line and trying to keep peace with everyone. Maybe I’m tired of keeping my opinions to myself so I don’t offend anyone. Maybe I finally believe that my opinions are just as valuable as the next person’s. Maybe I’m sick to my soul of being the silent majority….but at the same time, I’m sick of just posting shit to Facebook or Instagram and thinking it’s going to help.

It’s not. It’s never helped anything.

Maybe a post like this won’t either, but what I believe will help is education.

Education Is Key

Not schooling….EDUCATION. The schools are nothing more than indoctrination factories that seek to destroy diversity, knowledge, and the family unit, and the ideology of the school house is sure to become the ideology of the government later.

Children need to be raised with truth regarding our country, because like Thomas Sowell said, “One of the most important reasons for studying history is that virtually every stupid idea that is in vogue today has been tried before and proved disastrous before, time and again.”

The trouble is: They will never receive truth within the walls of a public school building. They can’t. It’s a government institution; a cog in The Great Machine. The system cannot encourage independence, autonomy, and diversity, because anyone from a background like that won’t buy into the bullshit that is perpetuated in our culture today. It’s simply not possible. This is precisely why schools are underfunded, because no one with power really cares. Those in power don’t send their kids to those schools. They send their children to private schools, or they homeschool, or have private tutors.

What do they care about a population they hope to control through manipulation and biased media, anyway?

Wake up, America.

What we need is change. REAL CHANGE.

We can’t keep doing the same things we’ve done since the Industrial Age and expect a different outcome.

Children are human beings and they have rights.

We need to care more about children than we do about money, or nothing will ever change, except to get worse.



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