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Can Love Be Unconditional?

I love when I connect with people who make me think. This week, my cousin made me think and I appreciate her so much for the mental exercise.

The Topic: Unconditional Love

I thought I had this sorted out in my spirit, and I said something along the lines of:

I have unconditional love for my children and no one else. I don’t even feel it for my husband, despite the fact that I love him, because I believe the fact that a marriage involves a contract completely erases the possibility of loving someone unconditionally.

She responded with something along the lines of, the fact that your children are YOURS provides the condition.


I hadn’t thought about it that way, but she certainly made a valid point.

Based on that, I said that I didn’t feel unconditional love for anyone then, but that I’d like to feel some love for everyone.

And today in my garden, I got to thinking about it again.

I realized that there are plenty of children out there who aren’t loved by their parents. They are neglected and abused by the very people who biologically created them. The fact that I’m a parent doesn’t guarantee love & certainly doesn’t guarantee unconditional love. Yet I truly feel my children can do anything and I’d never love them less.

I thought about my love for animals, especially birds. I feed them daily and couldn’t care less if I can see them or touch them, or control them, I merely feed them and love them for the sake of it.

I am not sure if this is unconditional love or not, nor am I sure why I’m hung up on the word, but I do that…I love words. Words matter.

What I am sure of is this: Love doesn’t always have to fit nicely in a labeled compartment. Love doesn’t always make sense. We can love the parent who abuses us. We can love the dog that bites us. We can love our children who make horrendous decisions. We can love the bee that stings. We can love the ocean that may take our life.


It’s such a little word, with such power, and each of us is free to define it as we see fit, unconditionally.

Do you believe in unconditional love?



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