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My New Favorite App for Documenting Learning

I love documenting what my little girl is doing each week. As a family that leans toward unschooling, we don’t keep a rigid schedule and we don’t follow a curriculum, so it’s really important to document what our daughter is learning just to be sure we’re following the laws of our state.

For a while I tried jotting notes on a legal pad and it worked great for about a month and then I’d leave it in another room and swear I’d jot things down later, but wouldn’t remember for months. I found myself more often using our kitchen calendar, because it was within easy reach and it was simple enough to quickly make note of what she did. What I didn’t like was not having room for reflection or details.

Neither of these methods enabled me to take pictures & I’ve always been a camera-happy gal..

Recently I discovered the Evernote app and it’s been absolutely wonderful! I’ve been telling everyone about it.

This app enabled me to make notebooks for each section of learning to easily organize everything I need.

My Notebooks Look LikeThis

  • Humans & the World: Past & present
  • The Natural World
  • Be creative!
  • Using & Understanding Numbers
  • Read Alouds
  • Independent Reading

From the Be Creative! Notebook

For each notebook, I can upload what she did, add details about it & upload a picture or document. The cool part is it’s on my phone, so it’s super accessible. I can also sync the information to other devices.

The Evernote app is available in the App Store and is free at the basic level, or $69.99/year. I currently have the basic level and will see how much space I utilize. Each month, storage resets, but I do like to upload images and documents, so time will tell if the 60MB they provide per month will suffice.

I strongly encourage you to give it a try. I’m not an app crazy sort of person, but I seriously love this app! It helps me to easily see what my daughter is doing each day and it’s helpful for daily documentation for state requirements.



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