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String Painting

Happy first day of Spring to you!

The sun is shining and it’s to be nearly sixty degrees today. My daughter and I celebrated by reading springtime poems, and going outside to paint. My daughter has been artistic from birth, I’m telling you. I remember letting her go crazy with finger-paints before she could even walk well and apparently it stuck. She creates all day long. Even during her “free time,” she gets her tablet out to use an art app. As I type, she’s eating her lunch while painting with an art app her dad downloaded for her last night.

When her dad comes home from work, Kat can most often be found using his iPad Pro to create her own art. One of her favorite things to do is pull My Little Pony art from online and manipulate it to make her own custom ponies.

Her dad, who is a tattoo artist, sometimes learns from her how to use some of the tools. Our children are great resources for 21-century devices, because they were born with them. They are native users, so to speak and because of this, they are intrinsically motivated to use them and have an almost innate ability to navigate new programs with ease. It may come as no surprise then that when I need help with something on a device, my daughter is often the first person I ask to help me. No embarrassment here!

With the lovely weather we’re having, I wanted to get us outside for some creativity. While we’ve been outside working in the yard building our raised bed for the vegetables, I wanted a new art project for her. Sometimes I hit the mark. Sometimes I don’t. When you have a super creative kid it can be challenging to find art projects to hold her attention for long. I’m happy to say that today’s string painting project was a hit!

What You’ll Need

  • yarn – cut into 12-18″ lengths
  • paper – 2 sheets per art piece
  • small bowls or cups for paint
  • tempera paint
  • bowl filled with warm soapy water
  • towels for cleanup
  • heavy book to use as a weight

How To

  • Dip yarn into paint of your choice, being sure to cover the yarn with the paint.
  • Using two fingers, run them down the yarn to remove excess paint.
  • Lay string on paper in any design you wish, but leave a small bit of string hanging off the paper so you can pull it later.


  • Place second piece of paper on top and place a heavy book on top to weigh it down.
  • Gently pull the string from between the two sheets of paper.
  • Remove weight and open the paper to reveal your design.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

My daughter enjoyed this project so much we ended up doing three of them. Her favorite is the one she’s holding that looks like a little girl with horns and pony tails. She asked if we could please do this project again soon and of course my answer was a resounding YES! It was quite cool to see what she came up with with each one.

If you try this with your children, please let us know! You can tag your pictures on Instagram with *Hashtag* amusingmother so we can see them!





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