H.G. Wells: The Prophet

This is a desperate cry to those I know, who continue to think for themselves…who know that the way things are in our country is not the way they should be. To those who realize they are getting, not the Truth from the media, but garbage from a strong centralized government who doesn’t care about any of us and instead, sees us all as cogs in the great wheel of plenty that fills the pockets of only a few (both Dem and Rep, btw).
This post is for those who know that children are unhappy in the institutional schools, the factory schools, with their national curriculum and their gold stars, cliques, arbitrary grades, and empty promises.
This is to those who have come to realize that Facebook is not a community, but an empty network. This is those who know that if push came to shove, maybe one or two of the people on their friends list would be available to help them….because “friend” has become a bland mashed potato word that means nothing and government-owned Facebook wants it to be exactly that.
This post is for those who want to really make a change. To those who are tired of pointing the finger at a single person or group and who is ready to actually make changes. This is for those who realize that saving the world is futile and a waste of time, but helping our neighbors and loving our families is the first step in improving our world. Nothing happens globally that doesn’t first happen locally.
This is also for those who have chosen to send their kids to school, because as we all know, school changes our kids. I remember when my oldest was going to school and my mom said, “I hate for him to go to school…it changes them and they’re never the same again.” She was right. I wish I had realized I had alternatives to the government school.
Schools don’t give kids wings.
They clip them.
They breed conformity.
They diminish creativity.
They steal time from the most important community the world needs: family.
Schools invade homes with “homework,” this turning parents into adversaries instead of confidantes.
Then, kids are occupied with television or worse: Facebook, which is also government-owned.
We are a nation where quality is low, and creativity and education are defunct, but schooling and conformity are at an all-time high and we wonder how this happened.
School: as we know it began in the 1850s. It hasn’t “always been this way.” Back then, parents fought against giving up their kids and by 1880s, they were forced by the govt to send their kids to school all day long.
The fracture of the family was always part of the plan.
Kids have always known this was wrong. They’ve fought back by skipping school, stealing time to go to the bathroom…Hell, I ran away from school in first grade. To control kids, we drug them to keep them sitting for hours, to keep them quiet, to make them easier to control. Kids have been fighting within the walls of schools and now, they are shooting up their schools and still, NO ONE IS PAYING ATTENTION TO THEIR CRIES FOR HELP!
Instead of blaming the institution in which all this is happening, we blame the kids, or other kids, or parents. Instead of helping, the government sends in armed guards! Our children spend their days in prisons that are decorated by artwork they did themselves, with very little or no motivation, pride, or interest.
They do what they have to do for worthless awards and gold stars that don’t mean shit in the real world.
And no one gives a damn.
You wonder what’s wrong with this country?
We’ve allowed the government almost exclusive control of our schooling, what we watch, the news we receive, and we’ve allowed the government to separate us from our own lives.
To change the world, log out of Facebook, turn off your television, put your phone down, and get to know your family. Help your neighbor. Spend some time alone.
And go buy this book.
ESPECIALLY if you’ve chosen to send your kid to school.


That was a post from Facebook this morning and if you’ve followed my blog for any length of time, you know my love/hate relationship with it. Well, after receiving this book yesterday and reading what Gatto said about the public school system (all true and all thoughts I’ve had as a student, parent, and teacher), I realized the same and worse could be said of Facebook. As someone who is very angry with and rather opposed to the public school system, I cannot in good conscience remain a participant on Facebook either, which is, in my opinion, a virtual “school,” where instead of gold stars, we receive likes and hearts and all the cliques of school are held solidly in place. People are either begging for their egos to be fed, or their pockets to be filled…and we’re all convinced that without Facebook, we couldn’t be in contact with friends and family, many of whom we’d probably not want to be in contact with anyway, truth be told.

People seem to forget that we still have pens and paper. We still have telephones, but the fact is, most of the people we are in contact with superficially via Facebook, we’d never want to actually talk to on the phone….so the argument about staying in touch is really bullshit. We are simply caught p in the web of lies that our government has laid out for us.

We’re all part of shallow networks that really do nothing for us. Now that I’m awaken to the harsh reality of what school and Facebook is doing to families, friendships and the world, I can let it go without a single regret. I do not wish to be part of the problem anymore.

I choose the alternative, even if it means standing alone….



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