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MicroFashion from A Free-Spirit

From where I’m sitting at my desk, there’s a light frost glistening on the lawn and the fountain grasses that sway in the breeze coming up off the river.

Usually, I dread this time of year, as the warm, sunny days of Summer give way to the cooler days of Autumn and then Winter. This year though, I feel different. I feel a lighter stirring within myself and I feel compelled to go outside and witness the change of the seasons.

One of the things I love most about where we live is the abundance of parks in the area and we took advantage of one yesterday. My daughter was able to play on the playground with her dad while I walked and snapped shots of the gorgeous trees and the river. I love the Cincinnati area. It doesn’t surprise me at all to have such an influx of new residents to the area, or to see the city making lists of best places to raise a family. I love this city.

My daughter loves the city too and often refers to it as “My Cincinnati,” which I find absolutely charming. She’s a Cincinnati girl, for sure and she has a style all her own to match. I’ve never been one to control what she wears and over the years, she’s created some amazing and eye-catching outfits, let me tell you. Whereas when I was a teen and my then step-father said things like, “I’m not taking you out dressed like that,” (I was a grudge kid and dressed accordingly), I’m excited to take my daughter out in whatever she decides to put on.


IMG_3525Still today, she loves to create her own outfits, although lately her tastes have changed and she’s become little more refined, perhaps. Yesterday she chose a dress by Tucker and Tate and paired it with her Hunter boots. You may notice that the sock inserts are a bit big, that’s because earlier this year we took a spontaneous trip to Chicago and experienced a winter storm there. We bought the sock inserts, the only size they had, out of necessity. The snow was higher than her boots!


We purchased this coat from Macy’s last year and bought it a size too big so she could wear it more than one season. Sho a similar coat here.

I know that it may not always be appropriate to allow children to choose their own outfits, but I am definitely one to encourage it as often as I possibly can. Why not let your children choose what they want to wear? I think it’s good for character, self-confidence, and creativity. Kids aren’t our little accessories that we dress up each day to make ourselves look good. Let them play. Let them have fun. Let them be children. Let them wear all the tutus!


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A Musing Mother

Hi! My name is Theresa and I'm a wife, mom of three, and grandma to two. I am a Nature lover and a follower of Christ. I live in an old farmhouse on the river where I homeschool our daughter. Most days, I can be found reading, making nature-inspired products, & gardening. I also enjoy traveling with my family, exploring cool local places, and helping out others where I am able. On the blog, I must about life, love, and learning.

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