Rainy Day Fun


It’s been raining for days here in the Ohio River Valley. While for some, rainy days may be about curling up with hot tea and a book, rainy days with young children can be quite adventurous (or challenging), depending on your perspective.

When my sons were little, one of my favorite things to do with them was build blanket forts and watch movies from beneath the tent. Sometimes we’d pop some popcorn on the stove (I was a young single mom and had no microwave back them) and we’d curl up together.

My oldest son loved the movie Toy Story and my younger son loved The Jungle Book. I swear, I know the soundtracks for both of those movies by heart to this day!

I also remember the stress of having two very active boys stuck in the house on chilly rainy days. I remember the arguing that always ensued. At thirteen months apart, they are either the best of pals, or the worst enemies. Very seldom was there an in-between.

For those times, it was usually best to find a game or activity we could do together. Here are some fun craft ideas for your littles, if you’re looking for something creative to do.

For fun game ideas for littles, you can’t go wrong with an indoor treasure hunt, Candyland, Shoots and Ladders, charades, or even the “clean up game,” where even the little ones help with house cleaning. I know, it’s not a game, but if you let your young children know they can help you and that you really appreciate the help, they will find house cleaning very fun, indeed! My daughter loves to wash the dishes! Sometimes when I do them without asking, she gets upset! Don’t underestimate your children. Oh…and when they DO help, don’t go behind them and do it “right.” A simple thank you will suffice.

Curling up with a good book is always a good idea too. Maybe make some delicious hot cocoa and marshmallows with your little ones and read in the blanket fort.

Let their imaginations lead the way and enjoy this time with your little ones.

If you try any of the ideas listed, please let us know!

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