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Is It Time for A Reality Check?


This morning I awoke before sunrise and took my coffee to one of my favorite spots to sit and watched the glorious show unfold, as the sun gave light to the world around me. Truly, it was miraculous to witness.

​​Every day we have numerous opportunities to witness miracles and yet so often we find ourselves searching for them. Maybe it’s that dream job, or your next leader for your team. Maybe it’s a dream vacation, or a certain number of zeros on your paycheck.

I have those dreams too and for a while,  I found myself uncharacteristically focused on all that I didn’t have. Even as the baby birds were being born around me and toddling from their nests- their feathers patchy and soft; even as the deer tip-toed through their fear to the bird feeder in the yard to eat the seeds and fruit the we had to offer; even as each night I had the opportunity to witness a gorgeous sunset, the sun saying goodnight to us all – even then, I was blind to the miracles, because I was in the mindset of lack.

Often, when someone is really optimistic, people tell them they need a “good dose of reality.” What they mean is that the person needs to be put in their place, knocked down a few pegs, made a little more miserable like every other hard-working person. I, on the other hand, generally tell myself I need a reality check when I’m feeling negative. Sometimes I can figure it out rather quickly, but sometimes it takes me a while, as it did with my last experience. I am not sure, but I think the delay may have been due to my month-long gluten binge. Nutrition is so important!

Whatever it was, I’m happy to be getting back to myself.

I needed a reality check.

I think it’s a good idea to check in with ourselves each day. Each of us is our own teacher and student. Each day brings with it information more valuable than anything a degree can provide, if we only just sit up and pay attention. Our bodies are communicating with us every second, with our miraculous brains sending billions of signals to every single cell in our bodies. Our brains and our guts tell us when something is off or if something is right for us. We just need to tune in.

How do we do that?

I’m not an expert. I only know what helps me and I’m happy to share that. You may find an even better method and if so, please share!

Sit in a chair with a high back – not like the terribly uncomfortable desk chair I’m in right now! Lean back, place both feet on the floor. Rest your arms on your lap or on the arm rests. Now, take on the role of observer. Leave your judgments at the door. Judgment is not invited to this party. Take a couple of deep, cleansing breaths. Don’t force anything, simply observe your breath. Settle in and just check in with your body. Note any feelings of comfort or discomfort. Adjust if you need to. Check in with your gut. Check in with your belly. Do you feel tension there? Breathe into any tension you’re feeling and imagine it flowing from you, up into the air to be transformed into goodness. Breathe. Stay with this practice as long as you need to.

If you’re a Reiki Practitioner, this is also a great time to give yourself Reiki.

Let this be your time and let it be a daily practice that will eventually help you to connect your mind and body on a regular basis. You’ll learn to trust your instincts and you may even find that you develop the desire to break bad habits because of this practice. I know I have. It may not happen overnight and that’s okay. Even bad habits can be great teachers.

Another thing I enjoy doing, just for myself is using my essential oils each day and listening to music I love. When I’m alone, I’m particularly fond of piano music or classical Indian music, Ravi Shankar is a favorite of mine. As I type, I’m listening to Indian Classical Music for Studying. Have a listen, if you’d like.

I’ve applied the following oils as well:

​​Sandalwood: I added a drop to my hair. I applied it for fragrance today, but this is the oil of sacred devotion. It has been used for thousands of years in temples as it assists with meditation and prayer. It also helps to quiet the mind.

Roman Chamomile: I added a drop to each temple to help calm me. It’s especially great for those who suffer from depressed thoughts or anxiety. It’s also the oil of spiritual purpose and it can assist an individual in discovering their life purpose. This oil also softens the personality and eases the overactive ego-mind.

Wild Orange: I applied a drop of this oil to my diffuser necklace. I’ll be going out in the sun today, so applying it to my skin isn’t an option as it can cause photosensitivity. I used this because it’s an excellent mood booster and was suggested to me for helping with my depressed feelings. It is considered the oil of abundance and isn’t that a great oil for when we are living with a mindset of lack?! This oil also fosters creativity, restores physical energy and aids in a positive mood.

InTune: I applied this oil to the back of my neck so I could focus while I write. It also happens to smell heavenly and always comforts me. It’s considered the oil of presence and again, being present is so important when we are feeling depressed or anxious. This oil facilitates inner peace. It is especially helpful to those who have a short attention span, or “monkey mind,” as the Buddhists call it.

Having applied these oils, I feel calm, peaceful and present.

It’s important to check in with ourselves each day. So often we are pulled in a million directions by our families, our jobs, our friends, traffic, and other responsibilities. It’s easy to forget that we matter too. It’s easy to turn off our mind-body connection and the next thing we know, we feel like shit, we’re not eating well, we’re overly concerned with appearance or material things and we’re backing away from the beautiful life we’ve been given. Checking in helps us remember that we matter too; that we are vital.

You are enough.

You are beautiful.

You are important.



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