Hey, Homeschool Moms!

Can we have a little chat for a moment? I'd really love your thoughts. If you homeschool, or are thinking about doing so, what are some of your concerns? What keeps you awake a night? What makes you hesitate to withdraw your children from school and dive into home education? What makes you question whether... Continue Reading →



You guys, the road is calling me and if I know him as well as I think I do, I'm pretty sure it's calling my husband, too. While the sun is currently shining - and thank the Universe for that! - I'm so sick of the grey skies that shroud the Ohio River Valley from... Continue Reading →

Reading: No Rewards, Thanks

In the 1880s, children read Great Expectations by Charles Dickens. If you look at the Lexile score, this book is considered to be the grade level equivalent of 11th-12th grade. However, if you consider the fact that children read this in schools in the 19th century, you must understand that children only attended school through... Continue Reading →

H.G. Wells: The Prophet

This is a desperate cry to those I know, who continue to think for themselves...who know that the way things are in our country is not the way they should be. To those who realize they are getting, not the Truth from the media, but garbage from a strong centralized government who doesn’t care about... Continue Reading →

Homeschool: Schedule Not Required

As parents, we are constantly bombarded with what's "right" and "wrong" when raising our children and it begins from the time they utter their first cry. Breast/bottle, co-sleeping/crib, daycare/private care, cry it out/soothe them.....and that's just for the first three months! I swear, if I have to listen to one more person try to tell... Continue Reading →

Navigating the Riptide

I've got some jazz playing, a steaming cup of coffee sits next to my keyboard, and the white light reflecting off the snow outside fills this space. Inside, my body feels calm, content, and strangely light, as I type. It's a relief from what I've been experiencing this week after quitting my nightly wine habit.... Continue Reading →

No-mo Wine-o

Have you ever noticed how society tends to glorify things that are bad for us? I mean, you don't see ads for produce or walking in the woods. Why? Because they are good for us and we don't really need to be convinced. But candy bars? Smoking? Drinking? Shopping for therapy? Those things are absolutely... Continue Reading →

Kneading Dough & Needing Family

Over Christmas I talked with my oldest child, Mager (pronounced with a soft G, like Major, but think more French than military), who asked me if I still had my bread machine. "You used to always bake bread; banana bread, pumpkin bread, all kinds of breads," he said, as he smiled over at his pretty... Continue Reading →

Happy New Year

Happy New Year, Mamas. I hope you find yourself well and happy today and looking forward to all of the potential this new year holds. Every day does, actually. It's funny how we put often put all our chips into the first few weeks of a new year and we fail to realize that every... Continue Reading →

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